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DHCP Server Displaying IP address 169.254.xx.xx instead of Server Name in Windows 2012

  • Jatin 

Installed Windows Server 2012 with roles for DNS, DHCP and AD DS. Server is set-up with static IP

Setting up DHCP is showing IP address169.254.xx.xx as the DHCP Server Name instead of actual server Name. Removed the DHCP roles and added it back it still shows the same IP address.

Everything is working fine between workstations and server, no known issues. All the workstations are getting IP address within the DHCP scope i.e. from


You have any other network adapters on that server that are enabled but not connected? If you do go ahead and disable them. Restart afterwards to clear that name.

If you wish to offer DHCP on the 192.168.x.x network, only put one NIC on that network.  If you are not using the second NIC, disable it.  You do NOT want two NICs on the same subnet.

Do not disable IPv6.  You are using it if you are running Windows Server 2012.


Because you had two NICs, you ended up with the wrong one assigned to your DHCP service.  Disabling the one NIC and leaving the other NIC assigned to the 192.168.x.x subnet should correct that.  DHCP can only work on the subnet for which it is defined.  If you had incorrectly ended up with it bound to the 169.254 address, it would never be able to offer addresses on 192.168.x.x.

See if disabling your unused NIC fixes the issue.  You might have to delete the scope and re-add it, but that should not be a big deal.

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