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How To Fix “Source File Names Are Larger Than Is Supported By The File System” – Shadow Copy

  • Jatin 

Shadow copy is enabled on Windows Server 2016 File Server to backup files and folder every hours. But while attempting to restore a file from shadow copies we came across below error:

The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system. Try moving to a location which has a shorter path name, or try renaming to shorter name(s) before attempting this operation.

Fix / Solution:

Step 1: Right click on the folder you’re trying to restore from shadow copy and chose Previous Versions. Chose a date & time and click on Open.

Step 2: Right click on any file or folder within the previous folder and chose Properties. On the General tab copy what’s shown in ‘location‘, e.g.: \\localhost\E$\@GMT-2021.11.24-21.00.41\Data

Step 3: Open Command Prompt / cmd.exe and type below command:

subst Z: \\localhost\E$\@GMT-2021.11.24-21.00.41\Data

Step 4: Open PowerShell or Command Prompt and use robocopy to copy content to Z drive:

robocopy Z: F:\ExampleFolder\ /E /COPYALL

Step 5: Or skip Step 4 and copy the data manually from Z Drive to location as needed.

Step 6: Check all files have been copied.

Step 7: When finished type subst Z: /D in the Command prompt window.

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