Adding Email Alias to Office 365 when using Azure AD Connect

So we have an on-premise AD running, this is connected to my Office 365 (and therefore Azure AD) using the Azure AD Connect.

I wanted to add an alias email, normally I would simply log onto the Office 365 Admin Portal, go to my user click edit under the username/email section and add the Alias.

However after connecting up the AD Connect it now shows:

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Remote Desktop Connection to an Azure AD Joined Machine from non-Azure AD Joined PC/Laptop

RDP’ing onto Azure Active Directory joined PC from Azure AD joined PC just works perfectly fine, but as soon as we try remote desktop connection from non-Azure AD Joined PC/Laptop or Active Directory joined PC with same login doesn’t work.

The actual fix (for this scenario for me at least) was to add a line of configuration in the RDP File and that is explained as below.

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