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Remote Desktop Connection to an Azure AD Joined Machine from non-Azure AD Joined PC/Laptop

RDP’ing onto Azure Active Directory joined PC from Azure AD joined PC just works perfectly fine, but as soon as we try remote desktop connection from non-Azure AD Joined PC/Laptop or Active Directory joined PC with same login doesn’t work.

The actual fix (for this scenario for me at least) was to add a line of configuration in the RDP File and that is explained as below.

Step 1: Change System Setting on Azure AD Joined PC:

On the computer you intend to RDP to, set the Remote Desktop settings to Allow Remote Connections to this computer and Remove the checkbox from Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication enabled as shown here.

Allow Remote Connection

Step 2: Change Config File Settings on Remote Desktop Connection:

On the computer you intend to RDP from, Open Remote Desktop, click on Show Options.

Save As that connection to the desktop

Right click and Open with Notepad or Notepad++

Verify that the following two lines are present, if not, add them and Save it. This will open the session directly to that user’s machine’s login page. Use users email and password as Azure AD Account is tied to email account.

  • enablecredsspsupport:i:0
  • authentication level:i:2

RDP Config File

If however you are connecting from say, a Workgroup joined (non Azure AD joined) device then the login experience will be different, enter your username as:

AzureAD\<[email protected]>

where <[email protected]> is your  full User Principal Name of your AzureAD user.

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  1. This was the 10th site I went to to solve this issue, by far the clearest to read and worked a treat – thank you v.v. much!

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