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Travel Design Trends – Infographic

The “user journey” is a fundamental concept of UX design that helps designers understand how a user interacts with a website. An extremely helpful concept on its own, the journey metaphor is perhaps nowhere more relevant than in the travel webspace.

For an increasing number of travelers worldwide, the travel experience begins online. As of 2018, an estimated 71% of U.S. travelers conduct travel research online before booking and 83% use digital platforms to book.

And like most web users, online travel shoppers arrive at a travel website at different points in their booking journey. While some may not have even made up their minds yet as to which hemisphere they want to vacation in, others may have narrowed down their search to two comparable hotels within walking distance from one another.

A well-designed travel website accommodates for the fact that potential guests show up to the site with different sets of questions and concerns. It intuits theses questions and provides a reassuring answer at every turn. From dreaming of faraway destinations to planning itineraries to comparing specific accommodations, travel websites need to appeal to potential guests with wide variety of motives.

The following infographic from booking search engine shows eight design trends that savvy travel sites are using to create excellent user experiences.

Travel Design Trends

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