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What’s new in Azure Monitor – Overview

  • Jatin 

Azure Monitor maximizes the availability and performance of applications by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from cloud and on-premises environments. It helps understanding how applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on.

Get the granular, real-time monitoring data you need—all in one place!

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Azure Monitoring Pricing:

Log Analytics

Log Analytics is billed per gigabyte (GB) of data ingested into the service.

Log Analytics Pricing
  1.     1. The first 5 GB of data ingested to the Azure Log Analytics service every month is offered free.
  2.     2. Every GB of data ingested into your Azure Log Analytics workspace is retained at no charge for the first 31 days.


A metric represents a set of time-series. You are billed based on the number of time-series monitored and API calls made.


Standard metrics are available for free and include select metrics originating from Azure resources, services and first party solutions.

Unified Monitoring:

A common platform for all metrics, logs and other monitoring telemetry

High-level view of Azure Monitor:

Unified Monitoring

All data collected by Azure Monitor fits into one of two fundamental types Metricsand Logs

Metrics: Numerical values that describe some aspect of a system at a particular point in time. They are lightweight and capable of supporting near real-time scenarios.

Metrics Explorer

Logs: Telemetry such as events and traces are stored as logs in addition to performance data so that it can all be combined for analysis.

Log Analytics

Data Driven Insights

Advanced diagnostics and analytics powered by machine learning capabilities.

Azure Monitor for VMs:

Azure Monitor VM insights monitors your Azure virtual machines (VM) at scale by analysing the performance and health of your Windows and Linux VMs, including their different processes and interconnected dependencies on other resources and external processes. The solution includes support for monitoring performance and application dependencies for VMs hosted on-premises or another cloud provider.

Challenges in VM Monitoring

  1.      1. Figure out what and how to Monitor
  2.      2. Disambiguate the issues in the VM, caused due to its usage or Azure itself
  3.      3. Troubleshoot how guest-level resource constrains impacts workloads/apps
  4.      4. Identify VM hotspots at scale based on resource utilization
  5.      5. Determine whether how back-end dependencies are affecting clients
  6.      6. Determine health and availability of Azure VMs across Resource Groups

Health Diagnostics:

VM Monitoring

Pre-defined health monitors to jump-start VM monitoring

Near real-time monitoring of core VM components (CPU, Memory,..)

Health diagnostics, that helps to localize the issue fast

KB articles on common causes and resolution

Customizable alerting thresholds on health monitors


VM Performance

Aggregation of VM metrics across thousands of VMs

Top N performance views identify resource constrained VMs @ scale

Drill through performance diagnostics for root cause analysis

Drill through to advanced analytics on VM logs

Built in views for key performance indicators


VM Maps

Visualize VMs and process interaction for resource groups, VM scale sets and subscriptions

Identify surprise dependencies and connection failures

Live connection metrics between processes and VMs identifying spikes in network traffic

Drill through dependent VMs to Alerts and Logs

On Boarding:

VM On Boarding

Built-in monitoring policy to on board Azure VMs @ scale

Policy supports existing VMs and new VMs created

Remediation policy to on board VMs falling out of compliance


VM Alerts

One Alert management experience

Configure Alerts at Scale

Multi-resource alerting

Unified Alert lifecycle Management

Smart grouping to reduce noise

Dynamic threshold base Alerting

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