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Ecommerce Design Trends 2018 [Infographic]

Few of us shop exclusively online or exclusively in-store, but market trends point to ecommerce claiming a larger portion of global retail purchases with each and every passing year. The innovative designs that ecommerce websites are using are in no small part responsible for the momentum that online shopping continues to gain over time. As great design elevates the user experience for ecommerce customers, the gap between the possibilities offered in a brick-and-mortar environment and those in a digital one is quickly shrinking.

There are many physical elements native to the in-store shopping experience that are absent from online shopping: like the ability to see and touch the product in person, and the possibility that something unique will catch your eye. And yet online shopping offers some pretty stellar advantages as well: like the ease and comfort of shopping from home, and the ability to quickly compare the product with others. The most innovative ecommerce design trends of 2018 are creating digital solutions that merge the best from both worlds.

Some trends of 2018 are maximizing the lightness and ease of online shopping by integrating seamless UX features like scrolling product photos and product landing pages. Others are working to appeal to your senses beyond the confines of standard photo dimensions, using edgy product photography, integrated video, and out-of-the-box image shapes and sizes. And others still can reintroduce an exciting element of discovery to online shopping, by creating fun and interactive product category pages that make you want to browse deeper.

2018 is becoming a truly UX-focused year for ecommerce design and doing a lot to take our online shopping experiences to the next level. Check out the exciting ecommerce design trends of the year in this infographic from What’s the Host:

ecommerce design trends

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