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Microsoft Azure Data Box – Mail up to 100 TB to Azure Cloud

The Azure Data Box service is available in preview. You can use it to move hundreds of terabytes of data into Azure with high speed, by using secure transfer appliances. We accelerate the movement of your data by shipping you a proprietary, secure, and tamper-resistant transfer appliance, and by handling the end-to-end logistics.

Azure Data Box is built to address the following needs for customers:

        Fast: Rent it, fill it up, and return it—all within 10 days—and track everything on Azure portal.

        Secure: Tamper-resistant appliance supports 256-bit AES encryption on your data.

       Tough: Built to handle transport hazards, without requiring external packaging.

       Easy to use: Plugs right into your network, and can store approximately 100 TB.

       Partner supported: Integrated with a global array of industry-leading Azure partners.

Azure Data Box
 Azure Data Box

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