Adding Email Alias to Office 365 when using Azure AD Connect

So we have an on-premise AD running, this is connected to my Office 365 (and therefore Azure AD) using the Azure AD Connect.

I wanted to add an alias email, normally I would simply log onto the Office 365 Admin Portal, go to my user click edit under the username/email section and add the Alias.

However after connecting up the AD Connect it now shows:

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What’s new in Azure Monitor – Overview

Azure Monitor maximizes the availability and performance of applications by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from cloud and on-premises environments. It helps understanding how applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on.

Get the granular, real-time monitoring data you need—all in one place!

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How to: Setup Outlook to Open Replies and Forwards in Pop-Out Window instead of Reading Pane

Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2016 and Office 365 defaults to open email replies and forwards in the reading pane, to have the email pop-out by default instead in an uncluttered window, just follow the simple steps below.

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How to: FIX: The Trust Relationship between this Workstation and the Primary Domain Failed – Windows 10

So, this happens often, usually laptops but sometimes desktop and even servers fall victim to this issue. There are apparently a number of reasons why this happens, but the main reason seems to be lost connection between the ‘client/server’ and the Domain controllers.

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Google Map Pricing Change

Google Maps has recently discontinued their free map embedding service and is now moving to a payment structure. Effective July 16, 2018, Google Maps will start charging people for embedding google maps on their site, using a pay-per-view service.

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Remote Desktop Connection to an Azure AD Joined Machine from non-Azure AD Joined PC/Laptop

RDP’ing onto Azure Active Directory joined PC from Azure AD joined PC just works perfectly fine, but as soon as we try remote desktop connection from non-Azure AD Joined PC/Laptop or Active Directory joined PC with same login doesn’t work.

The actual fix (for this scenario for me at least) was to add a line of configuration in the RDP File and that is explained as below.

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Azure DNS SLA: Updated to 100%

Azure DNS is now being offered at a 100% availability SLA that’s backed by our diverse, geo-redundant DNS infrastructure.

With this update, Azure DNS guarantees that valid DNS requests will receive a response from at least one name server 100% of the time.

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Ecommerce Design Trends 2018 [Infographic]

Few of us shop exclusively online or exclusively in-store, but market trends point to ecommerce claiming a larger portion of global retail purchases with each and every passing year. The innovative designs that ecommerce websites are using are in no small part responsible for the momentum that online shopping continues to gain over time. As great design elevates the user experience for ecommerce customers, the gap between the possibilities offered in a brick-and-mortar environment and those in a digital one is quickly shrinking.

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The Digital & Graphic Design Trends of 2018 [Infographic]

Design moves quickly, but that doesn’t mean that trends pop up out of nowhere. As design evolves alongside improving technological capabilities, trends emerge as a response to changing consumer tastes and needs. And though the word “trend” suggests that something may just be temporary, design trends are quite meaningful. They are a reflection of the world around us and what we perceive as normal, usable, and attractive at any given time.

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Backup Synology NAS to Azure Cool Storage

Data is not only the core of any business but also a significant asset for all users. Important files -like critical work documents or personal photos- deserve a great backup strategy for their protection against unexpected hardware failure or plain accidental deletion.

In the recent release of DSM 6.0, Synology introduced a tool, called Hyper Backup, which provides a multi-version backup and minimizes the storage required for backing up data in multiple versions. Through its wizard you can backup your data to a lot of external providers including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and others.

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