Enable, Configure and Use Hyper-V on Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise editions come with a built-in hypervisor client Hyper-V allowing users to create and run other operating systems on a virtual machine. Although Hyper-V is mainly designed to run Windows guests it can also be used to virtually install other operating systems like various Linux versions.

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Changing Active Directory and Exchange Username after Marriage/Mistake

If we have a User in our Domain who recently got married or  you ever fat fingered a user’s name but didn’t notice until the user tried to login with their actual name?
Well these are steps for you:

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How to Kill a Windows Service that’s stuck on Stopping or Starting

If you ever have trouble with a service being stuck in a ‘starting’ or ‘stopping’ state, you can run a couple of simple commands to kill the service as mentioned in the steps below:

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Printing and Saving Locally while using Remote Desktop


  • Sometimes we work from home and access office PC via remote desktop connection. We cannot print or save any documents from office PC to home printer or PC.

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Infographic: 2016 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions

Here is an infographic about 2016 web design UX trends. Special Credits to thedeependdesign.com


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